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Committee Member

We need people to represent and express the views of parents, bake, man stalls, write for raffle prizes or grants as well as people with financial, business, education or fundraising knowledge.

By being part of the committee you will help ensure that Ofsted regulations are met, equipment and premises are safe and fit for purpose, our team of staff are properly recruited, employed and supported, funding and payments are collected, paid and recorded.

In addition there are a variety of marketing, grant finding and fundraising roles so that we can buy new equipment and resources for the children.

Every parent/carer has something to offer - what could you do?

If you would like to know more, you can speak to Lynne, Rosie or one of our committee members Marion Weeks, Elizabeth Tate, Clare Smithson, Rachel Brown, Suzanne Coxon, Polly Bowman, Gloria Laycock or Janine Higson.

Alternatively, please get in touch by completing our contact form or by email at or tel: 07716 653 801.