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Green Panda

Panda Pre-School Panda

At Panda Preschool we believe we have a responsibilty to protect this planet for our children. We have excellent recycling facilities on our doorstep (see below), and we encourage our children to learn about recycling. We are also doing our best to reduce our plastic use and we commit to becoming a glitter free setting this year!


Right outside Howell Hall we have access to the Copmanthorpe Community Garden, which is (mostly) maintained by Sprouts, a group of local, green fingered, grow-your-own enthusiasts. We say 'mostly' because the Panda children have a bed of their own to grow fruit and veg all year round, giving them the chance to learn about how food grows, whilst getting covered in mud (we're not sorry).


Panda's is also very lucky to have a Parish Council powered recycling collection point right outside. A group of wonderful village volunteers collect the recycling on a regular basis and take it to St Nicks Recycling Centre in York, from there it is passed on to TerraCycle. St Nicks are able to raise funds through their recycling scheme, which contributes towards their running costs. Below you will find a list of items you can recycle:
🐼 Pringles Tubes (No other brands please!)
🐼 Chocolate Biscuit Packaging (including multipack packaging and individual wrappers, NOT INCLUDING Chocolate bar wrappers!)
-Sweet biscuit wrappers
-Cake bar wrappers
🐼 Crisp Packaging (no need to wash, just empty)
-Crisps/chips -Pretzel packets
🐼 Oral Care Waste
-Toothpaste tubes and caps
-Plastic toothbrushes
-Electric toothbrush heads which don't contain an RFID microchip
-Interdental brushes and floss containers
-Dental aligners
🐼 Coffee Pods and outer Packaging (not cardboard)
-Kenco branded coffee refill packets
-Tassimo and L'OR coffee pods and packaging
🐼 Foil - Collected for the Snappy Trust (York Council do not recycle foil, it is sent to landfill, why not recycle it instead!)


The company who host our website, Kualo (you can visit their site here), have a fantastic outlook. Not only is our website covered by their charity hosting, which means it doesn't cost us a penny, they also have great employment standards and they are powered by renewable energy.