Panda Playgroup
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Our Hard Working Committee

The Panda Committee includes a mix of present Panda parents, past Panda parents and Committee Members with no previous Panda connections.

The Panda Committee are all volunteers who give up their spare time to ensure that Panda continues to thrive. Working closely with the Panda Staff, as Trustees of the charity the committee have responsibility for, among other things:

  • Ensuring that Panda fulfills its regulatory responsibilities with Ofsted and the Charity Commission.
  • Ensuring that their responsibilities as an employer are fully met.
  • Managing, retaining and recruiting staff.
  • Managing third party relationships with bodies such as the Council, Howell Hall, Early Years Partnership and York CVS.
  • Budgeting, applying for grants and fundraising.

Our committee, past and present, have brought a wide range of business, social and creative skills to Panda Playgroup. On a personal level, it is very rewarding and also provides the opportunity to meet new people and to greatly enhance your CV. For more information, or if you have decided you want to get involved, speak to any one of the committee members at Panda, or use the Contact Form.